This morning I was able to capture our friend the elusive Dinoco Gecko so we could share a picture of him with all of you.

Disclaimer: No geckos were hurt in the process of taking this photograph. Dinoco has been compensated for his assistance with a safe return home and a diet of delicious insects.

Our New Pet!

Kris caught a new friend in our bathroom this afternoon. We kept it in a jar until Elijah could wake up from his nap and see it. We explained to the kids that he was only a temporary pet so we have already released him to do bug patrol outside our cabin.

We have another smaller gecko in our cabin as well. He is only about 2″ long, tail and all. The kids love trying to spot him on the window or couch at the front of the cabin. Eliana has named him Dinoco (think The Cars movie). He is very fast and we have not caught him, but we haven’t really tried too hard since we figure he eats the bugs.