Where in the world have we been?

After asking Matt what our login and password might be, I have finally found my way back to our blog. I don’t know if anyone out there in ReaderLand will be around to check up on us after such an absence, but I thought it would be good to touch base again. It was a hard adjustment to come back to the States from our time in Costa Rica. Everything felt too big, too clean, and too nice. Then came the return of TOO BUSY!

So, what has the Lord been doing in our lives for the past year +? Well, The biggest item of note is that we had a darling son March 12, 2009 and named him Ezekiel John.

This is my favorite picture of him a few days after he was born.

Here’s what he looked like this afternoon, enjoying his lunch.

Just to reassure you that the cheerio eventually made it’s way to the right spot. . .

. . .and that Eliana and Elijah adore their baby brother!

I think I will sign off, now, but will hope to keep making posts now that the ball is rolling. Blessings to you all!

Safe Arrival and Baby News

We made it through our travel day! All of our flights were smooth with only minimal delays. We arrived in Omaha about 10:45 pm Thursday night. The kids did a good job on the planes and waiting in the airports for all of our flights. Praise God!

We are now trying to adjust back to things here at home. There is a lot of laundry to wash and unpacking to do. We thank you for all of your prayers while we were in Costa Rica. Thank you also for continuing to pray for our hearts as we work through the many changes being in Omaha. The enemy wants to steal what God has done in us this past month and we are fighting to hold onto Him.

The Lord was so good to us. He did many beautiful things in our hearts during our time in Costa Rica. We are richly blessed and our cup overflows. There are good things about being back home, abundant hot water and flushable toilet paper are near the top of the list. Yet, it is hard to be back, our hearts are changed and so many things feel different now. The verse the Lord gave me this morning was Psalm 62:5a “My soul, wait only upon God and silently submit to Him”. Our prayer is that He will show us how to silently submit to Him and hold onto the new things He has done.

On the baby front, Kris and I went to her ultrasound Friday afternoon. Everything went well, the baby is healthy and there are no problems. We thank God for watching over our family, especially this new little child. We were able to get a good picture of the baby and we found out that God has given us a new baby …….

We look forward to talking with all of you about our trip and what God is doing in Costa Rica. We might even tell you if we are having a boy or a girl 🙂

Oven Update

Today was a day for standing around the oven. I started early with the kids and made two batches of scones (one chocolate chip, and one cinnamon raisin), then a double batch of peanut butter cookies. Two of the girls around the Home were available to help out mixing, scooping, and sampling. My first batch of peanut butter cookies earlier this week went so fast in our cabina that I decided it was double batches hereafter. Their speed of departure also made me question why I don’t make cookies often in the states. Matt noted that I spend my free time doing things like making tomato sauce from the garden tomatoes. Considering how inexpensive tomato sauce is to buy, and how much more enjoyment my family got from the cookies, I’ve come to the conclusion that my priorities have been really mixed up! I’ve also realized that to my husband’s loyally Skippy Super Chunk dismay, I prefer creamy peanut butter. 🙂

As for the bun in my own personal oven, things are rising up nicely. Early this last week I felt the first sure-fire movements of our tiny Baby Gnuse as I was waiting to fall asleep. The sweet little morse code in my belly went on for a few minutes tonight as I typed the first paragraph of this post, so I can honestly say that our baby is trying to greet everyone. I have been in a lovely state of ignorance about the size of my belly, due to the stretchy waistband clothes that I brought and the lack of full length mirrors here. One especially warm tia, named Lourdes, greets me and the baby every morning during devotions, pantomiming a sleepy baby response to her kind pats to my tummy. We saw her yesterday while we were out on the town and she said, in approximate translation: “Yesterday you weren’t big, but today you are!” I tried to take that as a good thing and not mind the telltale reflections in the store windows. We are scheduled for our ultrasound the day after we return to the states, and many people here have asked us to let them know if we are having un nino or una nina. (There should be a squiggle sign over the second n in each word, but my creative attempt–let’s try control-n!– to make one resulted in almost loosing my entire post, so I’m calling it good enough.) Blessings on all the things that the Lord is cooking up in your life!