What He is Doing in My Doing

It was an everyday milk run. We snuck out after bedtime to make it this season’s version of a date. Somewhere between the tortilla presses and the plantains, we saw Maria.

Our neighbor has been fighting cancer for the last half-year. Each time I see her, it’s like the Lord turns his laser pointer on. Our interaction is sparse: my English prayers over her in private and Spanish greetings on the street. I saw her hats and headscarves progress to unabashed baldness. I told her she looked beautiful. She told me about her chemo port.

Lately, I open my arms with every hello. Latin culture pooh-poohs personal space. I don’t have enough words to explain my heart to her. I can only draw her near it for a moment now and then.

That night at the grocery store, she held on. We cried a little. Her Spanish flowed next to my cheek, blessing and thanking me for my love. God’s presence filled that embrace, speaking all the things I didn’t know how to say.

wood garden fence board

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Her hair is growing back now, sparkly silver.

She invited me in the other day, my first time through the steel gate that safeguards her house.  Seating me at her table, she shared her evening, her family, her life. She heaped a bowl with fruit salad, serving me a rainbow cut with her limited strength–topped with red jello, of course, for Costa Rican flair.

Stories flowed out as I nibbled and listened. How her grown daughter had stroked her bare scalp in the restless nights of her treatment, the love expressed in cool touch. Her sadness that we all seem to live behind closed doors in the neighborhood. We laughed that it was the mosquitoes’ fault. Prayers sought for her disability pension to be approved, kindly insights on the personalities of the block. Encouragement from the place of cancer, that the Lord is faithful in all things. Her face lit up when we talked gardening.

I went home with arms full of plant cuttings and the fruit I couldn’t finish. Humming with Spanish headache and unexpressed affection, I dove into my freezer. I recrossed the street with banana-craisin bread to sweeten her week the way she had mine. We thumped the language barrier again as I fumbled for the concepts of already-sliced and thaw-on-the-counter.

I may be hemmed in by verb tense and vocabulary, but God is not. He can work great things in the cheerful hello, in the how-are-you, in the hug in the grocery aisle.

Most of the time, what I do is more felt than seen: happy bellies, cleans sheets, a peacefully ordered home. This time the Lord let me feel some of what he is doing in my doing.

And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.  Matthew 10:42 NLT

How has the Lord surprised you with his movement in your everyday living?


  1. The Lord has often reminded me through the years of how He values the smallest of offerings, unseen and unheard by the general public. Those hidden and private shows of the Jesus living inside us are the sweetest of all to Him. It’s not that the in-your-face, celebrated stuff can’t do glorious things in the Kingdom or that He doesn’t love it; He certainly does. But those so-called ‘small’ moments are the ones that grip His heart most because it requires us to be bathed in humility and deep faith to do them, far away from the crowds and applause. And sweet Kris, these are the things that occupy your days and nights. You are rich in these offerings to your King. Oh, how the Father sees you and loves you, friend.

    Lots of love,

    Mande Saitta
    Ministry Assistant-Equip
    Lifegate Church
    Direct: (402) 905-3375

    CliftonStrengths: Woo | Input | Positivity | Achiever | Communication

  2. I love this. This is where the love of Jesus shines, and I love your artistic way of describing your encounter with Maria. Makes me feel like I was sitting there with you! 🙂 Keep sharing!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging post. It’s easy to forget that God can work in the little things and in unseen ways, and sometimes answering prayers we have prayed a long time ago but may have forgotten about. Sometimes he is doing something even when we’re not particularly doing anything spiritual but just getting on with our everyday lives. He can also speak in unexpected ways too.

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