A Kitchen for Kris

Some Before and After of the place we will call home as we serve at the Home of Life.  To give you an idea of space, the floor tiles are 12″ square.  Dear friends rented it for the past 5 years until their recent move back to the states.  The saddest part of making it ours is that we can’t share it with them.


  1. Wow–it’s great! Is your climate about the same as here at ILE?….Also, I’d like to know how to do the cool slide show thing with photos in WordPress. We have a WordPress.com blog too, but we just insert photos and it doesn’t work as well as your series of photos..

    • Thank you, Jody. Atenas is about 10 degrees warmer, we’ve been told. We will be hoping to adjust quickly. if you have your photos loaded into the media library on WordPress, you choose “Add Media,” from your Edit Post Window, then “Create Gallery” on the left, and select pictures to display. There are several formats for galleries to choose from on the right. The one I tend to use is “Tiled Mosaic.” I believe there is also a slideshow option there as well. Have fun!

  2. A house is becoming a home, what awesome work! But darn it, that VW bus sure would be like the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae…..

  3. Oh Kris, how beautiful! I have been anxiously awaiting the reveal. I just know your hospitality will blossom here–and I dream of being able to enjoy it there!

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