What Love Looks Like

Sometimes love looks like an abandoned child nestled in your arms, or a mission team hearing the Lord’s voice in a new timbre.  Sometimes love looks like a list of conjugated verbs and definite articles to help bridge the gap between hearts.  Our family is on the ascent to those vistas, but our first 10 days here in Costa Rica were colored by some of love’s other hues: lots of elbow grease applied to clean spaces and organize our things, a heavy duty extension cord delivered in the rain after some of the house’s wiring self-destructed, meals from scratch, and laughter with new friends.  Click on a photo in the gallery below to take a tour of our Tico beginning.


  1. To my looney friends in Costa Rica,

    I miss you already. Have prayed for all 5 of you and for Kris’s parents to grow to see the need. I hope you see the good in every day and the occasional lesson to be learned. I get a smile every time I think of you all. Eliana I bet you are already learning how to help your Mom with her chores. Elijah, I am sure you are helping your Dad around the house. Ezekiel, You obviously neatly put away all of the clothes before climbing into the closet, Be Blessed,

    Jim Abraham

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