One Petal at a Time

17 Days from now we will be wheeling our lives into the airport and boarding the plane for language school.  We are excited and overwhelmed at the same time.  I had fully intended to capture the experience in words, so that others might be encouraged to trust God in their own leaps of faith.  I would love to weave a poem of the view from here, but to be honest, right now my eyes are stuck on the ground.  On the forefront of my mind is how to sort through a houseful of stuff in the next handful of days.  We’ve been working at it for months, but there’s still nooks and crannies full of decisions to be made.  I know that our everything is about to change, but my mind can only grasp one detail at a time.

Human vision works like that, too.  You can only focus on a thumb-sized amount of what your eyes see, the rest is blurry.  We are selling things hand over fist on craigslist, buying other things from students finishing up at the language school (thank you, Lord, for social media), inviting great people to partner with us in our calling, gathering and completing paperwork, spending quality time with those we love, and praying for the family who will (hopefully soon) come buy our house.


Moment by moment we conquer small tasks, but always in the periphery are dear faces of children who weren’t safe living with their families and mission team members experiencing the Father out in the nations.  Each item on our to-do list is a petal in the bouquet of our new life in Costa Rica.  We can only pray that He finds it a beautiful and fragrant offering.

When I am overwhelmed,
    you alone know the way I should turn.
 Then I pray to you, O Lord.
    I say, “You are my place of refuge.
    You are all I really want in life.  Psalm 142: 3a, 5


  1. Hello there Good news family! Buenas! We had a lovely morning this morning here in Bend, Oregon, where our church body prayed for our upcoming voyage (full move) to Costa Rica! We have sold almost every thing, last to go is the cars…We leave our hometown here in Bend to spend one month visiting with our families then fly out to San Jose on the 8th of September.
    This morning as we were giving our final hugs to the church Body your Uncle,(i’ve forgotten his name now) informed us your family was also being prayed over by your church body this morning for your journey to CR…I just love how God orchestrates things and I know it was not random that we were being prayed for on the same day by the same beautiful body of Christ!! 🙂
    Your Uncle was not sure where in CR you guys were going , but we will be in San Isidro at the Spanish school there for a few months to begin…then were after that is in Gods hands!

    I hope to cross paths with your beautiful family and the ministry work you guys are doing down there at some point!

    ~Abigail Jauregui

    • That is wild, Abigail! So good to meet you and start out our journeys together to Costa Rica from different corners of the U.S. My Uncle Terry is awesome. I googled San Isidro to see how far you will be from us, but there seems to be several. We will be in a language school ( in the suburbs of San Jose (San Francisco de Los Rios) for a school year before moving to Atenas, in Alajuela where the Home of Life (Hogar de Vida) is located. Blessings on your upcoming move, you are way ahead of us on the preparations! Feel free to email me at thegoodnewsfamilyblog (at) gmail (dot) com and we can swap more contact information. Looking forward to meeting you in person now that I have fully creeped your blog. You have a lovely family!

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