Lopping Off Heads

They probably meant well.  They must have been feeling pretty good about themselves, coming to David in the wilderness with what seemed like great tidings.  O King, your enemies are dead!  We’ve killed them for you!  One pair even had the head of Saul’s son to present him as a trophy.  Reading through the account the last few days, one thought has struck me:

They didn’t know David very well.

What they did to please him was the last thing he wanted.  Their news set off a wave of grief, instead of rejoicing.  In the end, they received death sentences for their actions against the Lord’s anointed leaders, rather than the riches or reward they expected.

And so I wonder, how is it with me?  I’ve been lopping off my share of heads lately, with respect to our launch to-do list.  A new update letter prayed over, composed, and sent out with affection.  Cleaning, sorting, chucking, donating, and staging our house onto the market last week.  More events to share what the Lord is doing with our family put on the calendar.  Another round of language school apps completed.  Learning my camera’s instruction manual and photography tutorials to capture the beauty of life around us and share with others.  I’m caught up on my bible reading, but have been running short on peace.  Honestly, “be still and know” isn’t usually my best suit.

The restlessness is a gift, a reminder that my efforts alone do not satisfy.  Yes, they have good value as we walk out this calling that the Lord has for our family.  Like David at Araunah’s threshing floor, I will not offer the Lord a sacrifice that has cost me nothing.  I am glad to give my talents and time to serve Him, thankful that He would want them.

Let my soul be at rest again.

But sometimes His dearest wish—and my deepest need—is for me to release the curly tress of the task I’m wrestling with and come rest in His presence, to open up my heart and hear His words for me.  I want to bring offerings sanctified by relationship.  I want to know my Lord well.

Let my soul be at rest again, for the Lord has been good to me.  Psalm 116:7


  1. As always, your words speak to me! Sisters of the heart, you and I! ( I’m not so good at being still either.) Thanks for your honesty. It blesses me! And so glad we serve a God who keeps pursuing us, for our good and His glory! I want to know Him well, too.:)

  2. Such a busy place, this Now Upheaval in between here and there. Lord brought you to mind early this morning in prayer–He knows your offering, may your soul have rest in the midst of this doing.

  3. As my list of irrational tasks builds before this baby comes, I need to circle back around to this–to do the really needed, and to spend the time just resting in the hands of my God who can plan it all so much better than I can.

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