Seeing His Face

His little voice chirped it up and down the aisles, his buckled-in body swaying in happy time to the call, “Miss June, where ARE you?”

The week before, our winding pilgrimage to the checkout had been enlivened by an extra-friendly face:  Miss June in all her cheerful glory.  We had a nice chat, and Ezekiel must have registered that his nursery room teacher lived in Walmart as well as the room at church with Noah’s ark painted on the wall.

So now, bored with the monotony of boxes, bags, bottles, and cans, he called out to the sunshine.  I’m here!  Come see me!  I love you!  Seeing her face had changed things.

I hold the lesson close.  In the daily pilgrimage from breakfast to dinner, through school lessons, laundry, dishes, etc., let me reach up my arms and sing-song to my savior.  I’m here!  Come see me!  I love you!  In the process of raising up a team of prayer warriors and financial supporters for our work in Costa Rica, let me keep my eyes more on His promise to provide for us than the pledges coming in on commitment cards.  We are around 40% funded and just over 3 months away from our departure.  Sometimes that feels like a fist-pump of celebration, and sometimes the miles stretch long to the finish line.  Yet each new family on our contact list and each blessing toward our journey is a glimpse of the sunshine of His presence, a smile from our Abba Father.

Miss June may not have been at Walmart that day, but the Lord is always near.  So I will keep looking for Him because seeing His face changes everything.

Looking to the Promise

” . . .I have put my hope in your word.  My eyes are straining to see your promises come true.”  Psalm 119: 81b, 82


  1. I really needed to read this today, Kris. Thank you so much for sharing your heart! You have our prayers as you go forward on your journey. Hugs- Jen

  2. These last few days my fears have been focused on the medical bills that are coming. How will we pay for them? Do we have to get yet more help from others? But I’m letting go and putting it in God’s hands, trusting He will be faithful to prepare a way for us to A) keep costs down, and B) be able to pay for them, even if it takes a little while.

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