Bird Houses, Bed Quilts, and Beginning Steps

It’s been a little quiet on the blog-front lately, so we thought it would be good to share some of the sweet moments we have enjoyed lately.  Just the other day, “severe epicness” in birdhouse form went up in our backyard.  As a celebration of his 7th birthday, Elijah was thrilled to spend the last few days with his Grandpa Bob “doing guy stuff” and making a bird community.   Why stop with just one house? We asked the Lord to invite wrens to come live in this not-so-humble abode, and we are hoping they pick one of the entrances that we can see from our windows.



Eliana also got some special girl time when she turned 9 this summer.  Grandma Ruth whisked her away on a fabric choosing, quilt piecing retreat, complete with giggles and chocolate breaks.  Now Eliana can wrap herself up in Grandma’s love anytime she feels like it.

Step by beginning step, our family’s heart and future are turning toward the nations.  The Lord has given us a timeline to pray and move into on our journey toward full time ministry at the Home of Life in Costa Rica.  We will spend 5 weeks there as a family this June/July, helping to receive two short term teams and doing some legwork for our long term move.  We hope to raise support this coming fall/winter/spring and begin language school in San Jose, Costa Rica in August of 2013.  Sometimes that seems like a long way away, sometimes it seems imminent.  We are leaning into the Lord for each step, trusting that where He has called, he will provide.

At the moment, Kris’s efforts are taking one form: Rubbermaid.  Given the humidity and critter potential of Costa Rican kitchens, she is investing her time and Christmas money strategizing pantry storage solutions.  Throw in some kitchen linens, a crock pot, and a set of stainless steel mixing bowls, and you have the contents of Kris’s Costa Rican hope chest to date.  These things will make the journey to the Home of Life this summer and wait for our family’s arrival in 2013.

Matt has re-begun the Gnuse kitchen renovation movement and has lined up time and helpers to work on updating the heart of our home in February.  In the meantime we have been making color choices, scouting out sales, and getting bids.  We need to sell or rent our home before going out on the field, so it’s time to make it as inviting as possible.  We are shooting for “cozy” even without one of our rhubarb crisps in the oven.

One definite blessing we are thankful to report: our suitcases this summer will not need to pack any pull-ups.  Ezekiel is doing great with using the toilet like the big boy he is.  Thanks be to God, the giver of all good gifts.


  1. I have to remember to come see your blog more often–my sign up email is not my most used one, so I forget to check it! Here I find a wonderful post I had missed–but what a sweet piece of warm for a foggy, wet day here. Love you!

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