Training Up a Child in the Way He Should Go. . .

Often, I feel like I should only post amazing and profound things here.  But “amazing and profound” is not an every day event for us in this season. So instead, here’s a glimpse into our days of late.

So what’s up around here lately is a focus on what must come down, and where to put it when it does come down.  That’s right, we’ve been potty training.  It’s been a long 10 days, but we are getting there.  Along the way we have spent a lot of time together in the bathroom reading books, singing songs, doing puzzles, and playing with toys–only a few of which fell into the toilet.

I'm a Robot!

Time to get down now?

I confess that this was a season that I was not looking forward to, but after the first few days of learning it has become a sweet time of focusing on the youngest member of our family.  Ezekiel has a personality all his own, a mixture of strong will and charm that we will be excited to see the Lord fashion into a unique blessing for His kingdom.  And it the meantime we are celebrating the dry big boy pants, learning “when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em,” and sanitizing those fallen toys.  I promise.

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