Kingdom Family

Yesterday, our family was given a real treat.  Through a connection with one of our team members from this summer’s Guatemala trip, we were invited to speak on Global Outreach at the First Baptist Church in Glenwood, IA.  So from my hesitant stepping out for that first Global Journey in 2005 to our family’s calling to go long-term, we shared about what the Lord is doing in our hearts with the nations.  Looking at pictures of Guatemalan smiles, we encouraged them that you don’t have to be a professional at something to share the Father’s love and have kingdom impact.  If you can color with children, give hugs, or hold babies, you qualify.  The Lord meets us there and uses each of us in a unique way.

Then we got a chance to hear some of their stories.  The heart for nations that hadn’t been given opportunity yet.  The years of serving in Communist Russia.  The children’s ministry in Africa supported with love.  We were able to share encouragement, laughter, and prayer.  It was like meeting family that you didn’t know you had.   Kingdom family.


  1. I’m so glad you had this opportunity to share with them–and even more glad you have shared it with us. Looking forward to more updates 😀

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