A la Iglesia (Church)

We went with Tim, Dena and many of the kids from the home to Iglesia Biblica this morning. They have a group lead worship with two guitars, drums, bongos, tambourine and a flute. They had the songs for worship printed in a bulletin so Kris and I were able to understand the majority of them and sing along. Pastor Oldemar gave a sermon based off of John 3:1-8. I brought a bible with Spanish and English side by side and it significantly helped the process of understanding the message. The kids were with us for the worship time and then they were able to go with Kris to ‘kids church’ during the sermon.

Our Spanish has been so-so. We are able to get things communicated in the home, using the taxi and at the grocery store but following the sermon in church was a stretch. I understood some of the main points but it was minimal and it gives me a bit of a headache trying to keep up and translating in my head after about 15 minutes. The service was about 1 1/2 hours, it is a change for worship to be work instead of refreshing. The visit to the church provides a strong incentive to keep working on our Spanish. It really shows you how far you have to go.

We will try to keep posting regularly. These first few days we have been settling in and things are slower with the weekend so we have had more time to hop online. It has been a good transition time to set up and prepare. We know things will pick up tomorrow as we start doing more work around the home so the frequency of posts may slow down.


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