We are here!

Well, after two uneventful flights we arrived…..in Panama City? Unfortunately we needed three flights to smoothly arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica not just two!Everything was great from Omaha to Chicago and Chicago to Miami. Smooth flights with no delays. We boarded the plane in Miami and took off at 7:15pm Omaha time (I will keep all times Central for this story), just according to plan. Then began our initiation into real life as a missionary family.

We made good time to Costa Rica and we were to land at 10:15. As we approached San Jose around 9:45 the Captain explained that we couldn’t land due to fog so we were going to circle to airport for a while waiting for it to clear. After a while the Captain explained another plane was going to attempt to land and he would let us know if we would be able to land or if we would need to be diverted to another airport. At least we didn’t have to be the guinea pig! About 11:00 he came back on again and said we were being diverted to Panama City. Once we arrived in Panama they would tell us what American Airlines was going to do with us. So, we flew to Panama City landing at 12:15 am.

After we landed everyone began getting ready to get off the plane when the Captain came back on and said they didn’t know if we were going to stay in Panama or return to San Jose tonight. After waiting until about 12:45 we then were informed we would be getting fuel, putting in a flight plan and flying back to Costa Rica. Praise God! We would depart again in 40 minutes. I was able to borrow a cell phone from another passenger to call Tim and explain we were supposed to be coming back to San Jose. (Unfortunately it was Dena who was waiting for us at the airport so I am pretty sure I got Tim out of bed, sorry Tim). At 1:30 we taxied onto the end of the runway, stopped and waited…waited…waited. Another announcement explained they had to refile our flight plan. At 2:00 am we finally left Panama to return to Costa Rica. I wish I could tell you about how beautiful it is in Panama but you can’t see much of it in the middle of the night in an airplane on a runway. I guess we can at least say we have been there. Add one more country to our list!

From there it is all a blur, not becuase it went fast but my brain really doesn’t process well at that time of morning after eight hours on a plane. We landed in San Jose at 3:00 am in heavy fog. Yes, it was still foggy but God blessed us (and avoided a riot on the plane) so He made a way through. An hour to get luggage and go through customs, another hour to drive to Atenas and we stepped into our cabin at 5:00 am.

Through it all there was God’s peace. It may have been frustrating to wait but we knew God was in control and He would get us there. The kids did awesome! They slept, played, ate and waited like professionals. Thank you SO much for your prayers. Though the trip was long He provided for everything we needed. Right in the palm of His hand.

Today we are just settling in to the home, unpacking, organizing and hopefully getting in a nap.

Please pray for us as we meet with Tim and Dena to plan out our time here. We want our time to be a blessing to the home and to line up completely with God’s will.

Pray for Tim and Dena. They have been mightily stretched with the opening of the third house, taking care of teams and several other things the enemy has thrown at them recently. Pray they will be refreshed by our time here and by their trip back to Omaha for the GO conference at Trinity.

Pray for our kids as they adjust to life in Costa Rica.

Pray for our understanding of Spanish, we have practiced but reality speaks so much faster than a computer program!

Pray for God to speak and move in our hearts, minds and actions while we are here.

Thank you all for your support.


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