T Minus 15 Days to Take-off!

Well, we are leaving for our 4 week trip to Costa Rica in 15 days, and it doesn’t seem quite real at this point. We have a pile of stuff set aside to pack: plastics shoes (cloth ones won’t dry out once they get wet), items for Hogar de Vida, snack foods, winter pajamas for the kids (no climate control in the cabins), and the spoils from a major raid on the kids’ craft aisle in Walmart. We are not sure what our days down there will look like with the rainy season in full swing, so we are trying to plan for indoor activities to keep us all from getting squirrelly. I need to start filling and weighing our luggage to see where we are at. Fifty pounds per bag goes faster than you would think. The temptation is to take everything that I can think of wanting to have down there, but that doesn’t make for the best intercultural experience. We are praying into how the Lord would have us travel light. Blessings!


One comment

  1. You guys will do great. It takes a lot of courage to do what you are doing, for that length of time. God will give you grace for the challenges.Oh, BTW, a rule I used to live by for packing light was to set out everything you think you’ll need, and then cut that in half. I always seemed to have just enough stuff using that system. Of course, with kids, all bets are off.

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